Nuclear Science Center Harold Dodgen

Dodgen at work

Dr. Dodgen was responsible for the procuring the funding, design, and construction of the (now) Dodgen Research Facility and WSU’s 1MW TRIGA research reactor. His career has included:

1943: B.S. in chemistry from the University of California
1946: Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California
1946-1948: Institute for Nuclear Studies at the University of Chicago (work on the Manhattan Project)
1948: WSU Chemistry Department appointment
1954: Became Director of the Reactor Project
1959: Construction on the Nuclear Science Center building begins with funding from the National Science Foundation, Atomic Energy Commission, and Washington State College
1961: WSU Materials Test Reactor startup (March 7)
1967: Power increase to 1 MW and conversion to TRIGA fuel
1968: Dr. Dodgen asked to create Chemical Physics department at WSU (now the Materials Chemistry Program)
1977: Dr. Dodgen retires as Director of the Nuclear Science Center